Sclerochronology Service

The Sclerochronology Service of the IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) specializes in the chronological dating of calcified tissues (age determination) using both seasonal and daily marks, the validation of the periodicity of these marks by direct and indirect methods, and the analysis of the elementary composition of these tissues (trace elements and isotopes).

This Service is included in the Scientific-Technologic Catalogue of CSIC, their conditions and rates have been approved by the estatal agency.

The Service is developed by the Fish Ecology Lab of IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB), led by Prof. Beatriz Morales Nin, expert in the study of calcified structures since the 90s. In addition, the Group has the presence of a hired technician specialized in microchemistry and dating and staff that work in a coordinated manner. The Group supports the transfer of knowledge through doctoral, master and degree programs and the reception of visitors.

Considering the specific objectives of each study, the type of Provison required will be determined. Two different Variants are offered for the Prestation Dating and 7 Variants for the Prestation Microchemistry, additionally a General Prestation with no cost of material is offered.