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Communication:Multi-platform experiments, numerical simulations and data science techniques for generation of new altimetric products: focus on mesoscale and sub- mesoscale variability (MANATEE – OSTST proposal
Author(s):A. Pascual; R. Fablet; E. Mason; S. Ruiz; A. Sánchez-Román; B. Barceló-Llull; G. Aulicino; Y. Cotroneo; L. Gómez-Navarro; E. Cutolo; D. Rodríguez-Tarry; S. Ouala; H. Antich; M. López-Radcenco; B. Mourre; Y. Faugère; A. Mahadevan; A. Doglioli; F. dD’Ovidio
Conference:Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting
City:virtual meeting
Start date:19/10/2020
End date:23/10/2020

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