Oceanography and Global Change

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Is variation in flower shape and length among native and non-native populations of Nicotiana glauca a product of pollinator-mediated selection?
M. García, S. Benítez-Vieyra, A. Sérsic, A. Pauw, A. Cocucci, A. Traveset, F. Sazatornil, V. Paiaro
EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY , Vol. 34. 6 Pag. 893-913 (2020)
Impact of Climate Change on Surface Stirring and Transport in the Mediterranean Sea
E. Ser-Giacomi, G. Jordá-Sánchez, J. Soto-Navarro, S. Thomsen, J. Mignot, F. Sevault, V. Rossi
GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS , Vol. 47. 22 Pag. 089941- (2020)
Coherent pathways for vertical transport from the surface ocean to interior
A. Mahadevan, A. Pascual, D. Rudnick, S. Ruiz, J. Tintoré, E. D'Asaro
Species functional traits and abundance as drivers of multiplex ecological networks: First empirical quantification of inter-layer edge weights: Pollination-seed dispersal networks
S. Hervías-Parejo, C. Tur, R. Heleno, M. Nogales, S. Timóteo, A. Traveset
Extreme waves and climatic patterns of variability in the eastern North Atlantic and Mediterranean basins
V. Morales-Márquez, A. Orfila, G. Simarro, M. Marcos
Ocean Science , Vol. 16. 6 Pag. 1385-1398 (2020)
Lagrangian flow effects on phytoplankton abundance and composition along filament-like structures
I. Hernández-Carrasco, E. Alou-Font, P. Dumont, A. Cabornero, J. Allen, A. Orfila
PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY , Vol. 189. Pag. - (2020)
Summer in Mallorca: A Complete ASLO Science, Social, and Nature Experience
E. Sintes, N. Agawin, I. Hendriks, E. Alou-Font, M. Capa, L. Gómez-Pujol, M. Hidalgo, H. Hinz, N. Marbà, M. Wesselmann
Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin , Vol. 29. 4 Pag. 139-140 (2020)
Posidonia oceanica as a source of chromophoric dissolved organic matter for the oligotrophic NW mediterranean coast
F. Iuculano, C. Duarte, J. Otero, X. Álvarez-Salgado, S. Agustí
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering , Vol. 8. 11 Pag. 1-18 (2020)
Recruitment Disruption and the Role of Unaffected Populations for Potential Recovery After the Pinna nobilis Mass Mortality Event
D. Kersting, M. Vázquez-Luis, B. Mourre, F. Belkhamssa, E. Álvarez, T. Bakran-Petricioli, C. Barberá, A. Barrajón, E. Cortés, S. Deudero, J. García-March, S. Giacobbe, F. Giménez-Casalduero, L. González, S. Jiménez-Gutiérrez, S. Kipson, J. Llorente, D. Moreno, P. Prado, J. Pujol, J. Sánchez, A. Spinelli, J. Valencia, N. Vicente, I. Hendriks
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 7. Pag. - (2020)
Influence of biotic and abiotic factors of seagrass Posidonia oceanica recruitment: Identifying suitable microsites
L. Pereda-Briones, J. Terrados, M. Agulles, F. Tomas
MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH , Vol. 162. 1 Pag. 1-8 (2020)
The role of landscape composition and heterogeneity on the taxonomical and functional diversity of Mediterranean plant communities in agricultural landscapes
J. Cursach, J. Rita, C. Gómez-Martínez, C. Cardona, M. Capó, A. Lázaro
PLoS One , Vol. 15. 9 Pag. 0238222- (2020)
Spatial Footprints of Storm Surges Along the Global Coastlines
A. Enríquez, T. Wahl, M. Marcos, I. Haigh
Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans , Vol. 125. 9 Pag. - (2020)
Climatic indices over the mediterranean sea: A review
F. Criado-Aldeanueva, J. Soto-Navarro
Applied Sciences-Basel , Vol. 10. 17 Pag. 5790- (2020)
Copernicus Marine Service Ocean State Report, Issue 4
K. von Schuckmann, P. Le Traon, N. Smith, A. Pascual, S. Djavidnia, J. Gattuso, M. Grégoire, G. Nolan, S. Aaboe, E. Fanjul, L. Aouf, R. Aznar, T. Badewien, A. Zinck, M. Berta, L. Bertino, J. Blackford, G. Bolzon, F. Borile, M. Bretagnon, R. Brewin, D. Canu, P. Cessi, S. Ciavatta, B. Chapron, T. Trang Chau, F. Chevallier, B. Chtirkova, S. Ciliberti, J. Clark, E. Clementi, C. Combot, E. Comerma, A. Conchon, G. Coppini, L. Corgnati, G. Cossarini, S. Cravatte, M. de Alfonso, C. de Boyer Montégut, C. De Lera Fernández, F. de los Santos, A. Denvil-Sommer, Á. de Pascual Collar, P. Dias Nunes, V. Di Biagio, M. Drudi, O. Embury, P. Falco, O. d’Andon, L. Ferrer, D. Ford, H. Freund, M. León, M. Sotillo, J. García-Valdecasas, P. Garnesson, G. Garric, F. Gasparin, M. Gehlen, A. Genua-Olmedo, G. Geyer, A. Ghermandi, S. Good, J. Gourrion, E. Greiner, M. González, A. Griffa, I. Hernández-Carrasco, S. Isoard, J. Kennedy, S. Kay, A. Korosov, K. Laanemäe, P. Land, T. Lavergne, P. Lazzari, J. Legeais, B. Lemieux, B. Levier, W. Llovel, V. Lyubartsev, V. Lien, L. Lima, P. Lorente, J. Mader, M. Magaldi, A. Mangin, I. Maljutenko, C. Mantovani, V. Marinova, S. Masina, E. Mauri, J. Meyerjürgens, A. Mignot, R. McEwan, C. Mejia, A. Melet, M. Menna, B. Meyssignac, A. Mouche, B. Mourre, M. Müller, G. Notarstefano, S. Pardo, A. Orfila, E. Peneva, B. Pérez-Gómez, C. Perruche, M. Peterlin, P. Poulain, N. Pinardi, Y. Quilfen, U. Raudsepp, R. Renshaw, A. Révelard, E. Reyes-Reyes, M. Ricker, P. Rodríguez-Rubio, P. Rotllán, E. Gelabert, A. Rubio, I. Ruiz-Parrado, S. Sathyendranath, J. She, C. Solidoro, E. Stanev, J. Staneva, A. Storto, J. Su, T. Bakhsh, G. Tilstone, J. Tintoré, C. Toledano, J. Tournadre, B. Tranchant, R. Uiboupin, A. Valcarcel, N. Valcheva, N. Verbrugge, M. Vrac, J. Wolff, E. Zambianchi, O. Zielinski, S. Zunino
Journal of Operational Oceanography , Vol. 13. 1 Pag. 1-172 (2020)
Opportunities for Blue Carbon Strategies in China
J. Wu, H. Zhang, Y. Pan, D. Krause-Jensen, Z. He, W. Fan, X. Xi, I. Kyo Chung, N. Marbà, O. Serrano, R.B. Rivkin, Y. Zheng, J. Gu, Z. Zhang, P. Zhao, W. Qiu, G. Chen, C.M. Duarte
OCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT , Vol. 194. Pag. 105241- (2020)
Blessing in Disguise: The New Date for the ASLO ASM 2021 in Palma Increases Options for Enjoying Cultural Activities
M. Hidalgo, L. Gómez-Pujol, N. Agawin, E. Sintes, I. Hendriks, E. Alou-Font, M. Capa, H. Hinz, N. Marbà, M. Wesselmann
Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin , Vol. 29. 3 Pag. 90-91 (2020)
Stunted Mangrove Trees in the Oligotrophic Central Red Sea Relate to Nitrogen Limitation
A. Anton, H. Almahasheer, A. Delgado, N. Garcias-Bonet, P. Carrillo-de-Albornoz, N. Marbà, I. Hendriks, D. Krause-Jensen, V. Saderne, K. Baldry, C. Duarte
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 7. Pag. - (2020)
Offshore transport of organic carbon by upwelling filaments in the Canary Current System
Y. Santana-Falcón, E. Mason, J. Arístegui
PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY , Vol. 186. Pag. 102322- (2020)
Coastal impacts of Storm Gloria (January 2020) over the north-western Mediterranean
A. Amores, M. Marcos, D. Carrió, L. Gomez-Pujol
NATURAL HAZARDS AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES , Vol. 20. 7 Pag. 1955-1968 (2020)
Assessment of the Skill of Coupled Physical-Biogeochemical Models in the NW Mediterranean
E. Ramírez-Romero, G. Jordà, A. Amores, S. Kay, M. Segura-Noguera, D. Macías, F. Maynou, A. Sabatés, I.A. Catalán
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 479. Pag. 1- (2020)
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