Oceanography and Global Change

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Ecological effects of non-native species in marine ecosystems relate to co-occurring anthropogenic pressures.
N.R. Geraldi, A. Anton, J. Santana-Garcon, S. Bennett, N. Marbà, C.E. Lovelock, E.T. Apostolaki, J. Cebrian, D. Krause-Jensen, P. Martinetto, J.M. Pandolfi, C.M. Duarte
GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY , Vol. 26. 3 Pag. 1248-1258 (2020)
Model for Bedload Transport under Waves
D. Conti, G. Simarro, A. Orfila
Editorial: Facing Marine Deoxygenation
A. Capet, P. Cook, E. Garcia-Robledo, B. Hoogakker, A. Paulmier, C. Rabouille, R. Vaquer-Sunyer
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 7. Pag. 00046- (2020)
Past selection shaped phenological differentiation among populations at contrasting elevations in a Mediterranean alpine plant
J. Morente-López, J. Scheepens, C. Lara-Romero, R. Ruiz-Checa, P. Tabarés, J. Iriondo
Reproductive ecology of the bird-pollinated Nicotiana glauca across native and introduced ranges with contrasting pollination environments
E. Issaly, A. Sérsic, A. Pauw, A. Cocucci, A. Traveset, S. Benítez-Vieyra, V. Paiaro
BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS , Vol. 22. 2 Pag. 485-498 (2020)
Towards the integration of animal-borne instruments into global ocean observing systems
D. March, L. Boehme, J. Tintoré, P. Vélez-Belchi, B. Godley
GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY , Vol. 26. 2 Pag. 586-596 (2020)
Multi-platform model assessment in the Western Mediterranean Sea: impact of downscaling on the surface circulation and mesoscale activity
E. Aguiar, B. Mourre, M. Juza, E. Reyes, J. Hernández-Lasheras, E. Cutolo, E. Mason, J. Tintoré
OCEAN DYNAMICS , Vol. 70. 2 Pag. 273-288 (2020)
Development of an image de-noising method in preparation for the surfacewater and ocean topography satellite mission
L. Gómez-Navarro, E. Cosme, J. Le Sommer, N. Papadakis, A. Pascual
Remote Sensing , Vol. 12. 4 Pag. - (2020)
Evolution of Mediterranean Sea water properties under climate change scenarios in the Med-CORDEX ensemble
J. Soto-Navarro, G. Jordá, A. Amores, W. Cabos, S. Somot, F. Sevault, D. Macías, V. Djurdjevic, G. Sannino, L. Li, D. Sein
CLIMATE DYNAMICS , Vol. 54. 3-4 Pag. 2135-2165 (2020)
80th Anniversary of Pure and Applied Geophysics: A Bibliometric Overview
C. Mulet-Forteza, A. Socias Salvá, S. Monserrat, A. Amores
PURE AND APPLIED GEOPHYSICS , Vol. 177. 2 Pag. 531-570 (2020)
Real-time reconstruction of surface velocities from satellite observations in the alboran sea
J. Isern-Fontanet, E. García-Ladona, J. Jiménez-Madrid, E. Olmedo, M. García-Sotillo, A. Orfila, A. Turiel
Remote Sensing , Vol. 12. 4 Pag. - (2020)
Food for Thought: Enjoy Mallorca and the ASLO ASM 2021 with a Full Stomach
I. Hendriks, N. Agawin, E. Sintes, E. Alou-Font, M. Capa, L. Gómez-Pujol, M. Hidalgo, H. Hinz, G. Jordà, N. Marbà
Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin , Vol. 29. 1 Pag. 27-28 (2020)
Temporal evolution of temperatures in the red sea and the gulf of aden based on in situ observations (1958-2017)
M. Agulles, G. Jordà, B. Jones, S. Agustí, C. Duarte
Ocean Science , Vol. 16. 1 Pag. 149-166 (2020)
Spatio-temporal responses of butterflies to global warming on a Mediterranean island over two decades
P. Colom, A. Traveset, D. Carreras, C. Stefanescu
Ocean swells along the global coastlines and their climate projections for the twenty-first century
A. Amores, M. Marcos
JOURNAL OF CLIMATE , Vol. 33. 1 Pag. 185-199 (2020)
The theme and team of ASLO ASM 2021 in Palma de Mallorca
N. Agawin, E. Sintes, I. Hendriks, E. Alou-Font, M. Capa, L. Gómez-Pujol, J. Hidalgo, H. Hinz, N. Marbà, M. Wesselmann
Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin , Vol. 29. Pag. 60-60 (2020)
Pollination outcomes reveal negative density-dependence coupled with interspecific facilitation among plants
P. Bergamo, N. Susin Streher, A. Traveset, M. Wolowski, M. Sazima
ECOLOGY LETTERS , Vol. 23. 1 Pag. 129-139 (2020)
Assessing the local perception of climate change in a small island: a case study
J. Royuela, S. Hervías-Parejo, B. Ambros, A. de la Cruz, A. Gil
International Journal of Global Warming , Vol. 22. 1 Pag. 30-53 (2020)
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