Escola nacional de vela de Calanova

The IMEDEA has at the port of Calanova a warehouse with an area of ​​approximately 200m 2 . The height of this store is more than four meters, so that inside is quite possible to work with large objects (eg oceanographic buoys or other large equipment). Include the following facilities:

  • Office 9m 2 with two full desks
  • ADSL internet connection and wifi
  • EOT crane 3m high and 4 meters wide capable of lifting capacity up to 500 kilograms.
  • Tables and chairs.
  • Electricity supply 220V and 340V

This facility is optimal for:

  • preparing campaigns or trips starting at port Calanova. Being able to summon large amount of material prior to loading, preparing equipment before final installation, etc. ... much easier preparing a campaign.
  • preliminary sample processing after completion of sampling. These systems allow not having to return urgently to the laboratory for processing and storage of samples.
  • store equipment repeated campaigns over time. Thanks to this warehouse, repetitive sampling (eg once a week) is not required to transport the material used in laboratories sampling
  • conducting courses on oceanographic instrumentation or other marine equipment. Having an installation with several tables and chairs, wireless internet, and access to the sea make this facility an ideal place to test new equipment.