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Name:La repoblación como herramienta complementaria para la gestión de recursos marinos: Diseño racional y control de calidad en el caso de la corvina (Argyrosimus regius)



Fishing is one example of the difficulties related with the management of shared renewable resources. Conventional tools for managing fisheries resources are inefficient: Most of the fisheries worldwide are declining. The conventional management rules are manly founded in limiting the access to the resource. Here we are proposing to evaluate a different strategy: Juvenile restocking.


 The different steps of a restocking procedure are analyzed using a specific study case. The Meagre (Argyrosomus regius) was a commercially exploited species only a few decades ago. Nowadays, it is considered an extinct species (Balearic Islands) or is at extinction danger (Western Mediterranean).


  The main contributions of this proposal are:


1) The fundamentals for a rational design of the different steps needed for a restocking will be evaluated. Specifically, the key factors affecting mortality (for example, the effects of size-at-release or the relevance of the fishing effort at the release sites) will be analyzed.


2) The success of the restocking will be evaluated using an objective criterion which is applicable at the spatial scale of the research project. We will use the probability that a fish reaches sexual maturity. The use of such a criterion allows us to compare the production costs of different restocking strategies.


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