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Name:Probabilistic assessment, management and advice model for fishery management in the case of poor data availability
Code:EU Specific Targeted Research Projects 22745

The objective of the project is to create an advisory system (assessment, advice, and/or management) approach based on methods able to deal with data poor systems (utilizing both expert knowledge and published information in addition to existing data sets). Guidelines will be developed for assessment and management of fisheries for sustainability in data poor situations. There are basically at least three types of data poor situations:
1) Small scale fisheries with usually several target species of otherwise mixed fisheries (many coastal fisheries in Mediterranean and northern Baltic areas)
2) Large scale, but recently developed fisheries (many deep sea fisheries belong to this group)
3) Large scale fisheries, where the quality of data is getting worse (poor data due to e.g. misreporting and discarding).
This project will focus on each of these types, examining a number of case studies within each category. These case studies will have unique characteristics, allowing appropriate tools to be developed and modelled within a diverse range of examples.

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