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Autor(s):J. A. Alcover, M. Delibes, J. Gosàlbez, J. Nadal
Títol:Martes martes Linnaeus, 1758 a les Balears
Revista:Miscel·lània Zoològica
Resum:Martes Martes Linnaeus 1758 in the Balearic islands.- Samples of Martes martes from Majorca
and Minorca, have been studied using a sample o£ the Cantabrian population of the species as
a reference material. The Mallorcan population is characterized by its pale colouring and by being
slightly smaller than the Cantabrian population and similar in size to the central European populations
o£ the species. Its subespecific designation has not been determined. The Menorcan population
is distinguished by its large size, its dimensions being greater thant that of any previoiisly
known population. This population is descnbed as a new subspecies: Martes martes rninoricensis
n. ssp.

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