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Author(s):Sayol, J.M.; Balaguer, P. ; Conti, D.; Rietz, A.; García-Sotillo, M.; Tintoré, J.; Orfila, A.;
Title:Towards an Integrated oil spill system: from modelling to the decision support tool.
Book title:Oil Spills: environmental issues, prevention and ecologycal impacts (Environmental health, physical, chemical and biological factor)
Editor:Adam Clifton
Editorial:Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
In this chapter, we present a state-of-the-art system developed to manage oil spills crisis and Search and Rescue Operations at the coastal areas of the Balearic Islands Archipelago. Specifically, we introduce a first version of an Integrated Decision Sup- port System (IDSS) to response against oil spill emergencies which combines a nu- merical tool for tracking the spill (or objects) at the sea surface, i.e. the physical- geomorphological component, with a GIS tool containing the environmental and hu- man variables. This system provides in real time the areas of probability of a spill and giving the potential impacts at the shore, the uses of the affected coasts and the resources available in the surrounding areas

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  • Marine Technologies, Operational and Coastal Oceanography