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Author(s):Alburquerque, L.; Rosselló-Móra, R.; Costa da Milton, S.
Title:Family Rhodobiaceae
Book title:The Prokaryotes
Editor:Rosenberg, E.
Rhodobiaceae is a family within the order Rhizobiales of
the class Alphaproteobacteria. This family embraces the genera
Afifella, Anderseniella, Lutibaculum, Parvibaculum, Rhodobium,
Rhodoligotrophos, Tepidamorphus, and Bauldia. With the exception of
slightly thermophilic Tepidamorphus gemmatus, the other members of
this family are mesophilic. The species of two genera of this family are
photoheterotrophic when grown under anaerobic conditions in the light,
while the species of the other genera are strictly chemoorganotrophic.
The major fatty acids in all mesophilic species are straight chain,
namely, C18:1ω7c, C16:0, and C18:1ω9c, but in the slightly thermophilic
Tepidamorphus gemmatus, the major fatty acid is C19:0 cycloω8c. The
morphology of the species of the family is variable ranging from coccoid
forms to rods, diving by budding asymmetric division; some possess
prosthecae and complex structures. The members of this family have
been isolated from a variety of environments, such as seawater, deep
sea, hydrothermal vent, salterns, freshwater, hot springs, a mud volcano,
activated sludge, and soil.

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