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Author(s):Yarza, P.;Munoz, R.
Title:The All-Species Living Tree Project
Book title:Methods in Microbiology
Editor:Goodfellow, M.
Abstract:The All-Species Living Tree Project (LTP) is an international initiative for the creation and maintenance of highly curated 16S rRNA and 23S rRNA gene sequence databases, alignments and phylogenetic trees for all the type strains of Archaea and Bacteria. These small but taxonomically representative SSU and LSU datasets may be used as a reference for classification and identification purposes in several fields of application. The complete package tool, including the full database, alignment, metadata and tree, is freely available ( and regularly updated with newly described species and their corresponding nucleotide sequence entries. The added value achieved has two main applications: first, LTP is a reference tool for microbial systematics and, second, it is a source of curated data readily implementable by other microbial information resources.

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