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Author(s):Ruiz, S.; Mahadaevan, A.; Pascual, A.; Claret, M.; Tintoré, J.; Mason, E
Title:Multi-platform observations and numeric al simulations to understand meso and submesoscale processes: A case study of vertical velocities in the Western Mediterranean
Book title:New Frontiers in Operational Oceanography
Editor:Chassignet, E.; Pascual, A.; Tintoré, J.; Verron, J.
Editorial:GODAE OceanView
Abstract:In this chapter we provide a description of an intense ocean front and an anomalous anticyclonic eddy in the Western Mediterranean. We use observations from two multi-platform experiments carried out in the eastern Alboran Sea and in the northern Balearic Islands. We diagnose mesoscale vertical motion ( 1-10 m/day) associated with these ocean structures using quasi-geostrophic dynamics. A unique characteristic of both field experiments is the combination of conventional in situ measurements from ships with highresolution observations using autonomous underwater vehicles (gliders). For the eastern Alboran Sea, we also use a high-resolution numerical model that is initialized with hydrographic data (0.5-1 km resolution) from gliders. Numerical simulations show that lateral buoyancy gradients are large enough to trigger submesoscale mixed layer instabilities. Results from the model illustrate that a mixed layer tracer subducts to form vertical intrusions extending to depths of 80-90 m, which is in agreement with remarkable subduction events of chlorophyll and oxygen captured by ocean gliders. 

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