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Author(s):Marbà, N; Coll, M; Acinas, S.G; Aguzzi, J.; Alcoverro, T.; Alós, J.; Álvarez-Salgado, X. A.; Calbet, A.; Catalán, I. A.; Estrada, M.; Figueiras, F.G.; Garcés, E.; Gasol, J. M.; Gili, J. M.; González, A. F.; Castro, C. G.; Hendriks, I. E.; Hinz, H.; Logares, R.; Macías, D.; Macpherson, E.; Maldonado, M.; Marrasé, C.; Massana, R.; Navarro, J.; Olivar, M. P.; Pelegrí, J. LL.; Sabatés, A.; Saiz, E.; Sala, M.; Simó, R.; Terrados, J.; Tomàs, F.; Turon, X.;
Title:Achieving a Resilient Living Ocean. Chaptes 3
Book title:Ocean Science Challenges for 2030
Editor:Pascual, A, and Macías, D.
Abstract:The sustainable management of marine life is essential for the well-being of present and future human generations as it plays a crucial role in the Earth’s climate and biogeochemical cycles regulation, food security and coastal protection and provides many other goods and services of socio-economic and cultural value to humans. We identify the key scientific challenges where major research advances are needed to ensure well managed resilient living oceans in the coming decades from deep to coastal ecosystems.

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