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Author(s):M.G. Sotillo, E. Garcia-Ladona, A. Orfila, P. Rodríguez-Rubio, J.C. Maraver, D. Conti, E. Padorno, J.A. Jiménez, E. Capó, F. Pérez, J.M. Sayol, F.J. de los Santos, A. Amo, A. Rietz, C. Troupin, J. Tintore, E. Álvarez-Fanjul
Title:The MEDESS-GIB database: tracking the Atlantic water inflow
Journal:Earth System Science Data
JCR Impact Factor:6.696
Issue No.:1
Abstract:On 9 September 2014, an intensive drifter deployment was carried out in the Strait of Gibraltar. In the frame of the EU MED Program MEDESS-4MS, the MEDESS-GIB experiment consisted of the deployment of 35 satellite tracked drifters, mostly of CODE-type, equipped with temperature sensor sampling at a rate of 30 min. Drifters were distributed along and on both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar. The MEDESS-GIB deployment plan was designed as to ensure quasi-synoptic spatial coverage. To this end, 4 boats covering an area of about 680 NM2 in 6 h were coordinated. As far as authors know, this experiment is the most important exercise in the area in terms of number of drifters released. Collected satellite-tracked data along drifter trajectories have been quality controlled and processed to build the here presented MEDESS-GIB database. This paper reports the MEDESS-GIB dataset that comprises drifter trajectories, derived surface currents and in situ SST measurements collected along the buoys tracks. This series of data is available through the PANGAEA (Data Publisher for Earth and Environmental Science) repository, with the following doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.853701. Likewise, the MEDESS-GIB data will be incorporated as part of the Copernicus Marine historical products. The MEDESS-GIB dataset provides a complete Lagrangian view of the surface inflow of Atlantic waters through the Strait of Gibraltar and thus, very useful data for further studies on the surface circulation patterns in the Alboran Sea, and their links with one of the most energetic Mediterranean Sea flows: the Algerian Current.

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