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Autor(s):C. Troupin, J.P. Beltran, E. Heslop, M. Torner, B. Garau, J. Allen, S. Ruiz, J. Tintoré
Títol:A toolbox for glider data processing and management
Revista:Methods in Oceanography

We present a complete set of freely available MATLAB/Octave scripts called the SOCIB Glider Toolbox ( This new toolbox automates glider data processing functions, including thermal lag correction, quality control and graphical outputs. While the scientific value of the glider platform has been proven, the experience for the glider data user is far from perfect or routine. Over the last 10 years, ocean gliders have evolved such that they are now considered as a core component of multi-platform observing systems and multi-disciplinary process studies; we now have a generic processing system that appropriately complements glider capability.

In an ideal world, a simple connection to a glider would provide oceanographic data ready for scientific application in an intuitive, familiar format; the reality has been somewhat different. Up till now users have faced several time-consuming tasks that prevent them from directly and efficiently extracting new oceanographic knowledge from the acquired data. The SOCIB glider toolbox covers all stages of the data management process, including: metadata aggregation, raw data download, data processing, data correction and the automatic generation of data products and figures. It is designed to be operated either in real-time or in delayed mode, and to process data from two of the most widely used and commercially exploited glider platforms, Slocum gliders and SeaGliders. The SOCIB glider toolbox is ready to accelerate glider data integration and promote oceanographic discovery.

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