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Author(s):P.L. Woodworth, J.R. Hunter, M. Marcos, P. Caldwell, M. Menéndez, I. Haigh
Title:Towards a global higher-frequency sea level dataset
Journal:Geoscience Data Journal
JCR Impact Factor:2.8
Abstract:This paper describes the assembly of an updated quasi-global dataset of higher-frequency sea level information obtained from tide gauges operated by many agencies around the world. We believe that the construction of such a dataset is fundamental to scientific research in sea level variability and also to practical aspects of coastal engineering. A first version of the dataset was used in approximately a dozen published studies, and this second version is about twice the size, containing longer and more geographically representative sea level records. The dataset has acquired a digital object identifier and may be obtained from several sources. The paper mentions some of the merits of and deficiencies with the present version and takes a forward look at how the dataset may be updated in the future. © 2017 The Authors. Geoscience Data Journal published by Royal Meteorological Society and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

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