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Author(s):E. E. Heslop, A. Sánchez-Román, A. Pascual, D. Rodríguez, K. A. Reeve, Y. Faugère, M. Raynal
Title:Sentinel-3A views ocean variability more accurately at finer resolution
JCR Impact Factor:4.339
Issue No.:24
Abstract:This is the first multiplatform evaluation involving data from the new Sentinel-3A altimeter. An
experiment was undertaken in the Algerian Basin, employing an ocean glider and a ship mission, along the
same track and synchronous with an overpass of the Sentinel-3A mission. This provided three independent
views of the ocean velocity field, along a section that encompassed three different oceanographic regimes.
The results demonstrate the capacity of Sentinel-3A to retrieve fine-scale oceanographic features (~20 km).
The intercomparison with in situ platforms showed a significant improvement, order 30% in resolution and
42% in velocity accuracy using a synthetic aperture radar mode with respect to lower-resolution mode of
conventional altimetry. In addition, the three-platform view provided valuable insight into the variability of
evolving oceanographic features, in an area of the Mediterranean that remains chronically under sampled.

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