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Author(s):F. Maynou, M. Gil, S. Vitale, G. Giusto, A. Foutsi, M. Rangel, R. Rainha, K. Erzini, J. Gonçalves, L. Bentes, C. Viva, P. Sartor, F. De Carlo, I. Rossetti, M. Christou, K. Stergiou, C. Maravelias, D. Damalas
Title:Fishers’ perceptions of the European Union discards ban: perspective from south European fisheries
Journal:Marine Policy
JCR Impact Factor:2.865
Abstract:© 2017 Elsevier Ltd The estimated impact of the EU Landing Obligation was investigated, which bans discards of regulated species, in South European fisheries through stakeholders’ perceptions with the intention to identify implementation shortcomings and practicalities that might lead to obstacles to enforcement. Structured interviews were conducted with 173 fishers in 4 countries practicing 4 generic fisheries (as typified by the dominant fishing gear) asking a total of 26 questions. Results show that fishers estimate that the full implementation of the discards ban will result in longer sorting times. Added to the limited space on board, especially in the more productive trawl and purse seine vessels, this may lead to practical difficulties in relation to compliance. Most of the respondents estimate that there are no realistic possibilities of utilizing the formerly discarded fish in the short term, because of the lack of adequate infrastructure on land Furthermore, the possible utilization types foreseen in the regulation will not help offset the costs of bringing former discards to land. The outcomes of this study have confirmed the implementation difficulties of the landing obligation, especially when the fishing industry cannot expect any medium to long-term benefits.

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