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Autor(es):Matteo. Borgnino, Jorge. Arrieta, Guido. Boffetta, Filippo. De Lillo, Idan. Tuval,
Título:Turbulence induces clustering and segregation of non-motile, buoyancy-regulating phytoplankton
Revista:Journal of the Royal Society Interface
JCR Impact Factor:3.748
Resumen:Turbulence plays a major role in shaping marine community structure as it affects organism dispersal and guides fundamental ecological interactions. Below oceanographic mesoscale dynamics,turbulence also impinges on subtle physical-biological coupling at the single cell level, setting a sea of chemical gradients and determining microbial interactions with profound effects on scales much larger than the organisms themselves. It has been only recently that we have started to disentangle details of this coupling for swimming microorganisms. However, for non-motile species, which comprise some of the most abundant phytoplankton groups on Earth, a similar level of mechanistic understanding is still missing. Here we explore by means of extensive numerical simulations the interplay between buoyancy regulation in non-motile phytoplankton and cellular responses to turbulent mechanical cues. Using a minimal mechano-response model we show how such mechanism would contribute to spatial heterogeneity and affect vertical fluxes and trigger community segregation.

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