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Autor(s):A. Osorio, S. Montoya-Vargas, C. Cartagena, J. Espinosa, A. Orfila, C. Winter
Títol:Virtual BUOY: A video-based approach for measuring near-shore wave peak period
JCR Impact Factor:2.991
Resum:© 2019A new approach to estimate the peak period using time stack images from a video monitoring system is presented. The method is an improvement of the one developed by Stockdon and Holman (Stockdon, H.F., Holman, R.A., 2000. Estimation of wave phase speed and nearshore bathymetry from video imagery. J. Geophys. Res. Ocean. 105, 22015–22033), (S&H) including thresholding of the image to automatically identify free foam zone in the image, improved filtering procedure and windowing of the pixel intensity series in order to avoid noisy signals and spectral leakage. Results are tested against measurements in four beaches showing an absolute error below 2 s for 75% of the analyzed images despite the variable light conditions and noisy signals. Comparison with the S&H method is given showing that the new method reduces relative error on average by 28%. These results are achieved without taking into account the camera configuration requiring only the identification of a representative amount of land pixels in order to adequately eliminate noisy signals produced by environmental light fluctuations.

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