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Author(s):C. Mulet-Forteza, A. Socias Salvá, S. Monserrat, A. Amores
Title:80th Anniversary of Pure and Applied Geophysics: A Bibliometric Overview
JCR Impact Factor:2.335
Issue No.:2
Abstract:© 2019, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.Pure and Applied Geophysics (PAGEOPH) is one of the leading journals in the field of geophysics. The first issue was published in 1939; thus, the journal is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2018. The aim of this paper is to provide a complete lifetime overview of the academic structure of the journal using bibliometric indicators. This analysis includes key factors such as the most cited articles, leading authors, originating institutions and countries, publication and citation structures, and the most commonly used keywords. The bibliometric data used to conduct this analysis comes from the Scopus database. Additionally, the visualization of similarities (VOS)viewer software is used to create a graphic map of some of the bibliometric results. The graphical analysis uses co-citation, bibliographic coupling and co-occurrence of keywords. The results indicate that PAGEOPH is a leading journal in the areas in which it is indexed, with publications from a wide range of authors, institutions, and countries around the world.

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