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Author(s):Antonio Sánchez-Román, Ananda Pascual, Marie-Isabelle Pujol, Guillaume Taburet, Marta Marcos, Yannice Faugère
Title:Assessment of DUACS Sentinel-3A altimetry data in the coastal band of the European Seas: comparison with tide gauge measurements
Journal:Remote Sensing
JCR Impact Factor:4.848
Issue No.:23

The quality of the Data Unification and Altimeter Combination System (DUACS) Sentinel-3A altimeter data in the coastal area of the European seas is investigated through a comparison with in situ tide gauge measurements. The comparison was also conducted using altimetry data from Jason-3 for inter-comparison purposes. We found that Sentinel-3A improved the root mean square differences (RMSD) by 13% with respect to the Jason-3 mission. In addition, the variance in the differences between the two datasets was reduced by 25%. To explain the improved capture of Sea Level Anomaly by Sentinel-3A in the coastal band, the impact of the measurement noise on the synthetic aperture radar altimeter, the distance to the coast, and Long Wave Error correction applied on altimetry data were checked. The results confirmed that the synthetic aperture radar altimeter instrument onboard the Sentinel-3A mission better solves the signal in the coastal band. Moreover, the Long Wave Error processing contributes to reduce the errors in altimetry, enhancing the consistency between the altimeter and in situ datasets.

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