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Author(s):F. Zapelloni, J. Pons, J. Jurado-Rivera, D. Jaume, C. Juan
Title:Phylogenomics of the Hyalella amphipod species-flock of the Andean Altiplano
Journal:Scientific Reports
Issue No.:1
Abstract:© 2021, The Author(s).Species diversification in ancient lakes has enabled essential insights into evolutionary theory as they embody an evolutionary microcosm compared to continental terrestrial habitats. We have studied the high-altitude amphipods of the Andes Altiplano using mitogenomic, nuclear ribosomal and single-copy nuclear gene sequences obtained from 36 Hyalella genomic libraries, focusing on species of the Lake Titicaca and other water bodies of the Altiplano northern plateau. Results show that early Miocene South American lineages have recently (late Pliocene or early Pleistocene) diversified in the Andes with a striking morphological convergence among lineages. This pattern is consistent with the ecological opportunities (access to unoccupied resources, initial relaxed selection on ecologically-significant traits and low competition) offered by the lacustrine habitats established after the Andean uplift.

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