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Author(s):M. Duman, M. Mulet, I. Saticioglu, S. Altun, M. Gomila, J. Lalucat, E. García-Valdés
Title:Pseudomonas sivasensis sp. nov. isolated from farm fisheries in Turkey
JCR Impact Factor:4.022
Issue No.:4
Abstract:© 2020 Elsevier GmbHA study of 91 isolates from fish farms in Turkey showed that isolates P7T, P11, P24b, P29, P72, P73 and P158 belonged to the genus Pseudomonas according to 16S rRNA nucleotide sequence analysis. The analysis of the sequences of the RNA polymerase sigma factor gene (rpoD) located these strains in the Pseudomonas fluorescens lineage of species within the P. fluorescens subgroup, close to the cluster composed of the species Pseudomonas grimontii, Pseudomonas marginalis and Pseudomonas panacis. Based on similarities in the 16S rRNA and rpoD gene sequences of three previously isolated strains from other origins (CCUG 57209, CCUG 62357 and W5.2-93) linked them to the same cluster. A polyphasic taxonomic approach including phenotypic characterization, fatty acid composition, and multilocus sequence analysis, together with whole-cell MALDI-TOF data, corroborated this assumption. The genome G+C mol% contents were 59.48 and 59.71, respectively. The average nucleotide indices based on BLAST analysis and the genome-to-genome distance calculation for the P7T and CCUG 57209 strains with their closest relative, P. grimontii, were 88.16–88.29% and 38.10–38.20%, respectively. These data confirm that isolates P7T, P11, P24b, P29, P72, P73, P158, CCUG 57209, CCUG 62357 and W5.2-93 represent a new species for which the name Pseudomonas sivasensis is proposed, with P7T as a type strain (=CCUG 74260T= and CECT30107T).

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