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Author(s):Tsimplis M.N ; A.G.P.S. Shaw; A. Pascual; M. Marcos; Mira Pasaric; Luciana Fenoglio-Marc;
Title:Can we reconstruct the 20th century sea level variability in the Mediterranean Sea on the basis of recent altimetric measurements?
Book title:Regional Seas
Editorial:Springer Netherlands

The spatial sea level patterns, derived from Empirical Orthogonal

Function (EOF) analysis of satellite altimetry data, are combined with the few

available long tide-gauge records at the coasts of the basin, in order to

reconstruct sea level variability in the Mediterranean Sea. Cross correlations in

the basin are explored, in order to assess to what extent the period of

altimetric measurements is typical of the longer term variability of the

region. Areas of intense mesoscale activity are not well correlated with the

rest of the basin and in particular with the coastal areas. Thus, reconstruction

of sea level in such areas is not possible. The first EOF from altimetry and

the first EOF derived from tide-gauges are well correlated and permit

reconstructions to be developed. For the tide-gauges used, the reconstruction

of the sea level for the past century, based on data from the last

decade, is at least as successful in describing the variance at the long tidegauges

as reconstructions based on previous decades. The power spectrum

of the tide-gauges shows energy at particular dominant frequencies albeit

varying in time.


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