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Author(s):Hernandez-Garcia, Emilio; Lopez, Cristobal; Neufeld, Zoltan
Title:Spatial Patterns in Chemically and Biologically Reacting Flows
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Editorial:OTTO editore (Torino)
Abstract:We present here a number of processes, inspired by concepts in Nonlinear Dynamics such as chaotic advection and excitability, that can be useful to understand generic behaviors in chemical or biological systems in fluid flows. Emphasis is put on the description of observed plankton patchiness in the sea. The linearly decaying tracer, and excitable kinetics in a chaotic flow are mainly the models described. Finally, some warnings are given about the difficulties in modeling discrete individuals (such as planktonic organisms) in terms of continuous concentration fields. The files and ISSAOS.pdf below are the postscript and PDF versions of the full paper, containing text and figures. ISSAOS.tex is the generating LATeX file, and the rest of the files are the individual postscript figures. Also available from the arXiv server. The full book is available (free of charge) from the publisher website