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Reply to: Indiscriminate data aggregation in ecological meta-analysis underestimates impacts of invasive species
A. Anton, N. Geraldi, C. Lovelock, E. Apostolaki, S. Bennett, J. Cebrian, D. Krause-Jensen, N. Marbà, P. Martinetto, J. Pandolfi, J. Santana-Garcon, C. Duarte
Nature Ecology & Evolution , Vol. 4. 3 Pag. 315-317 (2020)
Can we save a marine species affected by a highly infective, highly lethal, waterborne disease from extinction?
J.R. García-March, J. Tena, S. Henandis, M. Vázquez-Luis, D. López, C. Téllez, P. Prado, J.I. Navas, J. Bernal, G. Catanese, A. Grau, M. López-Sanmartín, E. Nebot-Colomer, A. Ortega, S. Planes, D. Kersting, S. Jimenez, I. Hendriks, D. Moreno, F. Giménez-Casalduero, M. Pérez, A. Izquierdo, J. Sánchez, N. Vicente, N. Sanmarti, M. Guimerans, J.L. Crespo, J.M. Valencia, J. Torres, A. Barrajon, E. Álvarez, C. Peyran, T. Morage, S. Deudero
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 243. Pag. 108498- (2020)
Landscape anthropization shapes the survival of a top avian scavenger
E. Arrondo, A. Sanz-Aguilar, J. Pérez-García, A. Cortés-Avizanda, J. Sánchez-Zapata, J. Donázar
BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION , Vol. 29. 4 Pag. 1411-1425 (2020)
Model for Bedload Transport under Waves
D. Conti, G. Simarro, A. Orfila
Plasticizer Degradation by Marine Bacterial Isolates: A Proteogenomic and Metabolomic Characterization
R. Wright, R. Bosch, M. Gibson, J. Christie-Oleza
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY , Vol. 54. 4 Pag. 2244-2256 (2020)
Unravelling the population dynamics of the Mediterranean bryozoan Pentapora fascialis to assess its role as an indicator of recreational diving for adaptive management of marine protected areas
Marta. Pagès-Escolà, Bernat. Hereu, Graciel·la. Rovira, Alba. Medrano, Eneko. Aspillaga, Pol. Capdevila, Cristina. Linares
ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS , Vol. 109. 1 Pag. 105781- (2020)
80th Anniversary of Pure and Applied Geophysics: A Bibliometric Overview
C. Mulet-Forteza, A. Socias Salvá, S. Monserrat, A. Amores
PURE AND APPLIED GEOPHYSICS , Vol. 177. 2 Pag. 531-570 (2020)
Real-time reconstruction of surface velocities from satellite observations in the alboran sea
J. Isern-Fontanet, E. García-Ladona, J. Jiménez-Madrid, E. Olmedo, M. García-Sotillo, A. Orfila, A. Turiel
Remote Sensing , Vol. 12. 4 Pag. - (2020)
Multi-platform model assessment in the Western Mediterranean Sea: impact of downscaling on the surface circulation and mesoscale activity
E. Aguiar, B. Mourre, M. Juza, E. Reyes, J. Hernández-Lasheras, E. Cutolo, E. Mason, J. Tintoré
OCEAN DYNAMICS , Vol. 70. 2 Pag. 273-288 (2020)
Towards the integration of animal-borne instruments into global ocean observing systems
D. March, L. Boehme, J. Tintoré, P. Vélez-Belchi, B. Godley
GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY , Vol. 26. 2 Pag. 586-596 (2020)
Development of an image de-noising method in preparation for the surfacewater and ocean topography satellite mission
L. Gómez-Navarro, E. Cosme, J. Le Sommer, N. Papadakis, A. Pascual
Remote Sensing , Vol. 12. 4 Pag. - (2020)
Ancient DNA from an extinct Mediterranean micromammal—Hypnomys morpheus (Rodentia: Gliridae)—Provides insight into the biogeographic history of insular dormice
P. Bover, K. Mitchell, E. Torres-Roig, B. Llamas, V. Thomson, J. Alcover, J. Agustí, A. Cooper, J. Pons
Sex, personality and conspecific density influence natal dispersal with lifetime fitness consequences in urban and rural burrowing owls
Á. Luna, A. Palma, A. Sanz-Aguilar, J. Tella, M. Carrete
PLoS One , Vol. 15. 2 Pag. - (2020)
Food for Thought: Enjoy Mallorca and the ASLO ASM 2021 with a Full Stomach
I. Hendriks, N. Agawin, E. Sintes, E. Alou-Font, M. Capa, L. Gómez-Pujol, M. Hidalgo, H. Hinz, G. Jordà, N. Marbà
Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin , Vol. 29. 1 Pag. 27-28 (2020)
Modelling pest dynamics under uncertainty in pest detection: the case of the red palm weevil
A. Sanz-Aguilar, I. Cortés, I. Gascón, O. Martínez, S. Gnard, G. Tavecchia
BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS , Vol. 22. Pag. 1635-1645 (2020)
Infestation of small seabirds by Ornithodoros maritimus ticks: effects on chick body condition, reproduction and associated infectious agents
A. Sanz-Aguilar, A. Payo-Payo, A. Rotger, L. Yousfi, S. Moutailler, C. Beck, M. Dumarest, J.M. Igual, M.A. Miranda, M. Viñas-Torres, V. Picorelli, A. Gamble, T. Boulinier
Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases , Vol. 11. Pag. 101281- (2020)
Temporal evolution of temperatures in the red sea and the gulf of aden based on in situ observations (1958-2017)
M. Agulles, G. Jordà, B. Jones, S. Agustí, C. Duarte
Ocean Science , Vol. 16. 1 Pag. 149-166 (2020)
On the fate of sinking diatoms: the transport of active buoyancy-regulating cells in the ocean
J. Arrieta, R. Jeanneret, P. Roig, I. Tuval
Complete mitochondrial genome of the pearly razorfish Xyrichtys novacula: phylogenetic analysis of its placement within the Labridae family
M. Barcelo-Serra, J. Pons, T. Viver, R. Rosselló-Mora, J. Alós
Mitochondrial DNA Part B , Vol. 5. 1 Pag. 644-645 (2020)
Phytoplankton size changes and diversity loss in the southwestern Mediterranean Sea in relation to long-term hydrographic variability
E. Ramírez-Romero, Juan Carlos Molinero, Ulrich Sommer, Noussaiba Salhi, Ons Kéfi - Daly Yahia, Mohamed Néjib Daly Yahia
ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE , Vol. 235. Pag. 106574- (2020)

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