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The trap of hidden processes: why quick&dirty methods to estimate mortality are not always good. A comment to De Pascalis et al.
G. Tavecchia, O. Gimenez, R. Choquet, A. Rotger, D. Oro, S. Tenan, A. Sanz-Aguilar
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 1. 1 Pag. 109057- (2021)
Swarming bacteria undergo localized dynamic phase transition to form stress-induced biofilms
I. Lopez-Grobas, M. Polin, M. Asally
eLife , Vol. 10:e62632. Pag. 1-22 (2021)
Alien fish eradication from high mountain lakes by multiple removal methods: estimating residual abundance and eradication probability in open populations
R. Tiberti, T. Buchaca, D. Boiano, R. A. Knapp, G. Tavecchia, M. Ventura, S. Tenan
JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY , Vol. 00. 1 Pag. 1-14 (2021)
Global political responsibility for the conservation of albatrosses and large petrels.
M. Beal, M.P. Dias, R.A. Phillips, S. Oppel, C. Hazin, Pearmain. E. J., J. Adams, D.J. Anderson, M. Antolos, J.A. Arata, J.M. Arcos, J. P.Y. Arnould, J. Awkerman, E. Bell, M. Bell, M. Carey, R. Carle, T.A. Clay, J. Cleeland, V. Colodro, M. Conners, M. Cruz-Flores, R. Cuthbert, K. Delord, L. Deppe, B.J. Dilley, H. Dinis, G. Elliott, F. De Felipe, J. Felis, M.G. Forero, A. Freeman, A. Fukuda, J. González-Solís, J.P. Granadeiro, A. Hedd, P. Hodum, J.M. Igual, A. Jaeger, T.J. Landers, M. Le Corre, A. Makhado, B. Metzger, T. Militão, W.A. Montevecchi, V. Morera-Pujol, L. Navarro-Herrero, D. Nel, D. Nicholls, D. Oro, R. Ouni, K. Ozaki, F. Quintana, R. Ramos, T. Reid, J.M. Reyes-González, C. Robertson, G. Robertson, M.S. Romdhane, P.G. Ryan, P. Sagar, F. Sato, S. Schoombie, R.P. Scofield, S.A. Shaffer, N.J. Shah, K.L. Stevens, C. Surman, R.M. Suryan, A. Takahashi, V. Tatayah, G. Taylor, D.R. Thompson, L. Torres, K. Walker, R. Wanless, S.M. Waugh, H. Weimerskirch, T. Yamamoto, Z. Zajkova, L. Zango, P. Catry
Science Advances , Vol. 7. 10 Pag. 7225- (2021)
Constraining 20th-Century Sea-Level Rise in the South Atlantic Ocean
T. Frederikse, S. Adhikari, T. Daley, S. Dangendorf, R. Gehrels, F. Landerer, M. Marcos, T. Newton, G. Rush, A. Slangen, G. Wöppelmann
Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans , Vol. 126. 3 Pag. - (2021)
Food Habits of the Macaronesian Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus granti) on Madeira
Y. González, S. Hervías-Parejo, E. Pereira, A. Vulcano, S. Álvarez, C. Gouveia, M. Nunes, L. Castelló, I. Fagundes, N. Coelho, G. Delgado, M. Nogales
JOURNAL OF RAPTOR RESEARCH , Vol. 55. 1 Pag. 127-129 (2021)
Accelerometry of Seabream in a Sea-Cage: Is Acceleration a Good Proxy for Activity?
A. Palstra, P. Arechavala-Lopez, Y. Xue, A. Roque
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 8. Pag. - (2021)
On the Impact of the Caribbean Counter Current in the Guajira Upwelling System
A. Orfila, C. Urbano-Latorre, J. Sayol, S. Gonzalez-Montes, A. Caceres-Euse, I. Hernández-Carrasco, Á. Muñoz
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 8. Pag. - (2021)
Tracing of aquaculture-escaped meagre Argyrosomus regius thorough otolith microchemistry
P. Arechavala-López, S. Pérez-Mayol, M. Palmer, J.M. Valero-Rodríguez, P. Sanchez-Jerez, B. Morales-Nin
JOURNAL OF SEA RESEARCH , Vol. 169. Pag. 102007- (2021)
Small pelagic fish in the new millennium: A bottom-up view of global research effort
M.A. Peck, J. Alheit, I.A. Catalán, S. Garrido, M. Moyano, R. Rykaczewski, A. Takasuka, C. van der Lingen
PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY , Vol. 116. Pag. 220-245 (2021)
Recovery and Community Succession of the Zostera Marina Rhizobiome after Transplantation
L. Wang, M. English, F. Tomas, R. Muellera
Comparative mitogenomics in hyalella (Amphipoda: Crustacea)
F. Zapelloni, J. Jurado-Rivera, D. Jaume, C. Juan, J. Pons
Genes , Vol. 12. 2 Pag. 1-20 (2021)
Experimental evidence of physiological and behavioral effects of microplastic ingestion in Sparus aurata
B. Rios-Fuster, P. Arechavala-Lopez, K. García-Marcos, C. Alomar, M. Compa, E. Álvarez, M. Julià, A. Solomando Martí, A. Sureda, S. Deudero
AQUATIC TOXICOLOGY , Vol. 231. Pag. - (2021)
Investing in Blue Natural Capital to Secure a Future for the Red Sea Ecosystems
Maha J. Cziesielski, Carlos M. Duarte, Nojood. Aalismail, Yousef. Al-Hafedh, Andrea. Anton, Faiyah. Baalkhuyur, Andrew C. Baker, Thorsten. Balke, Iliana B. Baums, Michael. Berumen, Vasiliki I. Chalastani, Brendan. Cornwell, Daniele. Daffonchio, Karen. Diele, Ehtesaam. Farooq, Jean-Pierre. Gattuso, Song. He, Catherine E. Lovelock, Elizabeth. McLeod, Peter I. Macreadie, Núria. Marbà, Cecilia. Martin, Marcelle. Muniz-Barreto, Kirshnakumar P. Kadinijappali, Perdana. Prihartato, Lotfi. Rabaoui, Vincent. Saderne, Sebastian. Schmidt-Roach, David J. Suggett, Michael. Sweet, John. Statton, Sam. Teicher, Stacey M. Trevathan-Tackett, Thadickal V. Joydas, Razan. Yahya, Manuel. Aranda
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 7. - Pag. 603722- (2021)
Latitudinal variation in plant defence against herbivory in a marine foundation species does not follow a linear pattern: The importance of resource availability
Hernán G., Ortega M.J., Henderson J., Alós J., Boyer K, Cimon S., Combes V., Cusson M., Hereu C.M., Hessing‐Lewis M., Hovel K., Jorgensen P., Kiriakopolos S., Kollars N., O´Connor M.I., Olsen J., Reynolds P.L., Ruesink J., Voigt E., Tomas F.,
GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY , Vol. 30. 1 Pag. 220-234 (2021)
A multidisciplinary approach to identify priority áreas for the monitoring of a vulnerable family of fishes in Spanish Marine National Parks
M. Planas, Corbeira. Piñeiro, C. Bouza, I. Casteón-Silvo, M. Vera, M. Regueira, V. Ochoa, I. Bárbara, J. Terrados, A. Chamorro, R. Barreiro, J. Hernández-Ucera, I. Alejo, I. Nombela, M.E. García, B.G. Pargo, V. Peña, P. Díaz-Tapia, J. Cremades, B. Morales-Nin
BMC ECOLOGY , Vol. 21. Pag. 4- (2021)
Performance of a novel system for high-resolution tracking of marine fish societies
Eneko. Aspillaga, Robert. Arlinghaus, Martina. Martorell-Barceló, Guillermo. Follana-Berná, Arancha. Lana, Andrea. Campos-Candela, Josep. Alós
Animal Biotelemetry , Vol. 9. Pag. 1- (2021)
Variational interpolation of high-frequency radar surface currents using DIVAnd
A. Barth, C. Troupin, E. Reyes, A. Alvera-Azcárate, J. Beckers, J. Tintoré
OCEAN DYNAMICS Pag. - (2021)
On the shoulder of giants: Mitogenome recovery from non-targeted genome projects for phylogenetic inference and molecular evolution studies
S. Adrián-Serrano, J. Lozano-Fernandez, J. Pons, J. Rozas, M. Arnedo

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