Book chapters [284]

Merging multiple satellite altimetric missions to monitor the mesoscale circulation in the Mediterranean Sea
Pascual, A; Larnicol, G; Le Traon, P-Y;
CIESM Workshop Monographs Pag. 1-132(2005)
La ciencia como aventura
Duarte, C.M.
CSIC. Madrid Pag. 85-90(2005)
Impactos sobre los ecosistemas marinos y el sector pesquero
Anadón, R.; Duarte, C.M.; Fariña, A.C.
Ministerio de Medio Ambiente. Madrid Pag. 147-182(2005)
Plant microbe-interactions in seagrass meadows
Duarte, C.M.; Holmer, M.; Marbá, N.
American Geophysical Union, Washington Pag. 31-60(2005)
an illustrated key to the common temperate species of aquatic hyphomycetes
gulis,v.; marvanova, l.; descals, e.
kluywer, NL Pag. 130-153(2005)
techiques for handling fungi
descals, enrique
kluywer, NL Pag. 130-140(2005)
Plant microbe-interactions in seagrass meadows.
Duarte, C.M.; Holmer, M.; Marbá, N.
E. Kristensen, R. Haese, J. Kotska. Pag. 31-60(2005)
El estado del medio marino en las Pytiuses
Duarte, C. M.;
Diario de Ibiza S. A. Ibiza. Pag. 189-191(2005)
Red, extremely halophilic, but not archaeal: the physiology and ecology of Salinibacter ruber, a bacterium isolated from saltern crystallizer ponds
Oren, A.; Rodríguez-Valera, F.; Antón, J.; Benlloch, S.; Rosselló-Mora, R.; Amann, R.; Coleman, J.; Russell, N. J.
Springer-Verlag, Berlin Pag. 63-76(2005)
Fisher variational principle and thermodynamics
Plastino, A.; Plastino, A.R.; Casas, M
Elsevier Pag. 379-394(2005)

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