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La gaviota de Audouin en Cabrera
Colecciones Técnicas del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Madrid Pag. 95-112(2000)
Coastal and open ocean research studies in the Western Mediterranean. 1st International Congress on Maritime Technological Innovations and Research
Monserrat, S.; Gomis, D.; Álvarez, A.; Vélez, P.; Riera, M.; Fernández, V.; Casas, B.; Reus, C.; Ballester, P.; Vizoso, G.; Orfila, A.; Pascual, A.; Tintoré, J.;
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Pag. 733-744(1999)
Endemic Island Faunas of the Mediterranean Miocene
Moyà-Solà, S.; Quintana, J.; Alcover, J.A.; Köhler, M.;
Friedrich Pfeil RÖSSNER, Gertrud & Kurt HEISSIG Pag. 435-442(1999)
Extinctions and Local Disappearances of Vertebrates in the Western Mediterranean Islands
Alcover, J.A.; Seguí, B.; Bover, P.;
Kluwer Academic/PlenumMacPhee Pag. 165-188(1999)
Boundary-induced frozen chaos
Eguíluz, V. M.; Hernández-García, E.; Piro, O.; Balle, S.;
Real Sociedad Española de Física Pag. 215-216(1998)
Polarization dynamics of birefringent index-guided Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
Valle, A.; Martin-Regalado, J.; Pesquera, L.; Balle, S.; San Miguel, M.;
Pag. 280-291(1998)
Deep water bottom-track ship’s velocities from Acoustic Correlation Current Profiler
Griffiths, G.; Bradley, S.; Ruiz, S.;
Pag. 1404-1410(1997)
Effects of external optical feedback in broad area lasers
Martín-Regalado, J.; van Tartwijk, G. H. M.; Balle, S.; San Miguel, M.;
Optical Society of America Pag. 205-208(1996)
Effects of external optical feedback in broad-area lasers
Martin-Regalado, J.; van Tartwijk, G. H. M.; Balle, S.; San Miguel, M.;
Pag. 205-208(1996)

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