Book chapters [284]

Spatio-temporal dynamics of gain-guided semiconductor laser arrays and broad area lasers
Martin-Regalado, J.; Balle, S.; Abraham, N. B.;
Pag. 369-(1996)
Satellite DNA and constitutive heterochromatin in tenebrionid beetles.
Petitpierre, E.; Juan, C.; Pons, J.; Plohl, M.; Ugarkovic, D.
Brandham, P.E.; Bennett, M.D. Pag. 351-362(1995)
Spatial hole burning effects in the emission characteristics of DFB laser diodes
Colet, P.; Balle, S.;
Optical Society of America Pag. 108-110(1994)
Variable Waveguide Model for Gain-Guided Laser Arrays
Fernández-Casares, S.; Balle, S.; Menéndez-Valdés, P.; San Miguel, M.;
OSA Technical Digest Series, vol. 3 Pag. 354-356(1994)
The avifaunas of the isolated mediterranean islands during the middle and late pleistocene
Alcover, J.A.; Florit, F.; Mourer-Chauviré, C.; Weesie, P.M.;
Science SeriesKENNETH E. CAMPBELL, JR. Pag. 273-283(1992)
La vegetación sumergida del Mar Menor. Pg. 64-72
Terrados, J.;
La Opinión de Murcia, S.A. Pag. -(1991)
Ecología de una laguna costera. Pg. 49-60.
Terrados, J.;
La Opinión de Murcia, S.A. Pag. -(1991)
Relation between Passage Time and Maximum Intensity in Semiconductor Laser Gain Switching
Balle, S.; Colet, P.; San Miguel, M.
Springer-Verlag, R. Vilaseca & R. Corbalán Pag. 293-297(1991)
Langevin Equations for Squeezing by Means of Nonlinear Optical Devices
Bermejo, F. J.; García-Fernández, P.; Balle, S.; Colet, P.; Toral, R.; San Miguel, M.
Springer-Verrlag, R. Vilaseca and R. Corbalán Pag. 65-73(1991)
Statistics for the Switch-on of a laser with injected signal
Balle, S.; San Miguel, M.; de Pasquale, F.;
Optical Society of AmericaN. B. Abraham; E. Garmire and P. Mandel Pag. 449-451(1991)

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