Book chapters [282]

Egg Development and Hatchling Output of Leatherback Turtles
Santidrián Tomillo, P.; Swiggs, J.
John Hopkins University PressSpotila, J.R. and Santidrián Tomillo, P. Pag. -(2015)
Pseudomonas entomophila: a versatile bacterium with entomopathogenic properties
G Dieppois; O Opota; J Lalucat; B Lemaitre
SpringerJL Ramos, Goldberg J, Filoux A. Pag. 25-49(2015)
On Reasoning with Words and Perceptions
Pere Julia
Springer International PublishingRudolf Seising, Enric Trillas, Janusz Kacprzyk Pag. 1-20(2015)
Antennules and Antennae in the Crustacea
Boxshall, G. ;Jaume, D.
Oxford University Press Pag. -(2015)
Operational Oil Spill Modelling: From Science to Engineering Applications in the Presence of Uncertainty
B. Hodges;A. Orfila; J.M. Sayol;X. Hou
Springer International PublishingM. Ehrhardt Pag. 99-126(2015)
All-Species Living Tree Project
Yarza, P.;Munoz, R.;Euzeby, J.;Ludwig, W.; Schleifer, K-H.;Amann, R.;Glöckner, F.O.;Rosselló-Móra, R.
Springer-VerlagNelson, K.E. Pag. 25-33(2015)
Seguiment a llarg termini de la colònia d'Hydrobates pelagicus de s'Espartar. Any 1.
Minguez, E.; Sanz-Aguilar, A.; Picorelli, V.; Viñas, M.; Mayol, J.; Cardona, E.; Martínez, O.; García, D.
Govern de les Illes Balears, Consell d'Agricultura, Medi Ambient i TerritoriGovern de les Illes Balears Pag. 243-250(2015)
Atmospheric processes responsible for generation of the 2008 Boothbay meteotsunami
Vilibić, I.; Horvath, K.; Strelec Mahović, N.; Monserrat, S.; Marcos, M.; Amores, .; Fine, I.
Springer International Publishing Pag. 25-53(2015)
Tidal influence on high frequency harbor oscillations in a narrow entrance bay
Monserrat, S.; Fine, I.; Amores, A.; Marcos, M.
Springer International Publishing Pag. 143-153(2015)
The Pen Shell, Pinna nobilis: A Review of Population Status and Recommended Research Priorities in the Mediterranean Sea
Basso, L.; Vázquez-Luis, M.; García-March, J.; Deudero, S.; Alvarez, E.; Vicente, N.; Duarte, C.; Hendriks, I.
Academic Press Pag. 109-160(2015)

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