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Feeding ecology of two squid species from the western Mediterranean
M. Valls, M. Cabanellas-Reboredo, I. Uranga, A. Quetglas
MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES , Vol. 531. Pag. 207-219 (2015)
Space, Time and Aliens: charting the dynamic structure of Galápagos pollination networks
A. Traveset, S. Chamorro, J.M. Olesen, R.H. Heleno
AoB Plants , Vol. 7. Pag. 1-2 (2015)
Mutualismos entre plantas y animales.
A. Traveset, N. Nogales
Investigación y Ciencia 464 Pag. 25-33 (2015)
Long corollas as nectar barriers in Lonicera implexa: interactions between corolla tube length and nectar volume
A. Lázaro, C. Vignolo, L. Santamaría
EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY , Vol. 29. 3 Pag. 419-435 (2015)
Shifts in shell mineralogy and metabolism of Concholepas concholepas juveniles along the Chilean coast
L. Ramajo, A.B. Rodríguez-Navarro, C.M. Duarte, M.A. Lardies, N.A. Lagos
MARINE AND FRESHWATER RESEARCH , Vol. 66. 12 Pag. 1147-1157 (2015)
Experimental Assessment of Temperature Thresholds for Arctic Phytoplankton Communities
A. Coello-Camba, S. Agustí, D. Vaqué, J. Holding, J.M. Arrieta, P. Wassmann, C.M. Duarte
Estuaries and Coasts , Vol. 38. 3 Pag. 873-885 (2015)
Strong Sensitivity of Red Sea Zooplankton to UV-B Radiation
A. Al-Aidaroos, M. El-Sherbiny, S. Satheesh, G. Mantha, S. Agustī, B. Carreja, C. Duarte
Estuaries and Coasts , Vol. 38. 3 Pag. 846-853 (2015)
Downscaling networks from species to individuals: discovering the hidden modularity
C. Tur, J.M. Olesen, A. Traveset
OIKOS , Vol. 124. 5 Pag. 581-592 (2015)
Random processes and phylogenetic loss caused by plant invasions
O. Lapiedra, D. Sol, A. Traveset, M.A. Vilà
GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY , Vol. 24. 7 Pag. 774-785 (2015)
Plastic Accumulation in the Mediterranean Sea
Andrés Cózar, Marina Sanz-Martín, Elisa Martí, J. Ignacio González-Gordillo, Bárbara Ubeda, José Á. Gálvez, Xabier Irigoien, Carlos M. Duarte
PLoS One , Vol. 10. 4 Pag. 1-12 (2015)
Estimation of cold pool areas and chilling hours through satellite-derived surface temperatures
M.A. Jimenez, A. Ruiz, J. Cuxart
Macroalgae contribute to nested mosaics of pH variability in a sub-Arctic fjord
D. Krause-Jensen, C.M. Duarte, I.E. Hendriks, L. Meire, M. Blicher, N. Marbà, M. Sejr
Biogeosciences , Vol. 12. 6 Pag. 4907-4945 (2015)
Historical Isolation of the Galápagos Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa darwini) despite Strong Flight Capability and Ecological Amplitude
P. Vargas, B. Rumeu, R. Heleno, A. Traveset, M. Nogales
PLoS One , Vol. 10. 3 Pag. 1-13 (2015)
Bird-flower visitation networks in the Galápagos unveil a widespread interaction release
A. Traveset, J.M. Olesen, M. Nogales, P. Vargas, P. Jaramillo, E. Antolín, M.M. Trigo, R. Heleno
Nature Communications , Vol. 6. Pag. 6376- (2015)
Skills of different hydrographic networks in capturing changes in the Mediterranean Sea at climate scales
Llasses J., Jordà G., Gomis D
CLIMATE RESEARCH , Vol. 63. 1 Pag. 1-18 (2015)
Reliability of uncertainty estimates from climate projection ensembles
J. Llasses, G. Jordà, D. Gomis
Journal of Black Sea and Mediterranean Environment , Vol. MedCLIVAR Special Issue. Pag. 21-24 (2015)
Beyond species loss: extinction of interactions in a changing world
A. Valiente-Banuet, M.A. Aizen, J.M. Alcántara, J. Arroyo, A. Cocucci, M. Galetti, M.B. García, D. García, J.M. Gómez, P. Jordano, R. Medel, L. Navarro, J.R. Obeso, R. Oviedo, N. Ramírez, P.J. Rey, A. Traveset, M. Verdú, R. Zamora
FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY , Vol. 29. 3 Pag. 299-307 (2015)
Juvenile Pen Shells (Pinna nobilis) Tolerate Acidification but Are Vulnerable to Warming
L. Basso, I.E. Hendriks, C.M. Duarte
Estuaries and Coasts , Vol. 38. 6 Pag. 1976-1985 (2015)
Evaluation of the Surface Energy Budget equation with experimental data and the ECMWF model in the Ebro valley
J. Cuxart, L. Conangla, M.A. Jiménez
JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH , Vol. 120. Pag. 1-15 (2015)
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