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Summer diet of European Shags Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii in southern Mallorca
S. Al-Ismail, M. McMinn, V.M. Tuset, A. Lombarte, J.A. Alcover
Seabird Group Newsletter , Vol. 26. Pag. 8-23 (2013)
The Impact of New Multi-platform Observing Systems in Science, Technology Development and Response to Society Needs; from Small to Large Scales
J. Tintoré, B. Casas, E. Heslop, G. Vizoso, A. Pascual, A. Orfila, S. Ruiz, L. Renault, M. Juzà, P. Balaguer, Ll. Gómez-Pujol, A. Álvarez-Ellacuria, S. Gómara, K. Sebastian, S. Lora, J.P. Beltrán, D. March, R. Escudier, M. Martínez-Ledesma, M. Torner, S. Cusí, D. Roque, I. Lizarán, C. Castilla, T. Cañellas, A. Lana, D. Conti, J.M. Sayol, E. Mason, B. Barceló-Llull, F. Alemany, D. Álvarez-Berastegui, P. Reglero, E. Massuti, P. Vélez-Belchí, J. Ruiz, T. Oguz, M. Gómez, E. Álvarez, L. Ansorena, M. Manriquez
Computer Science Review , Vol. 8112. Pag. 341-348 (2013)
Application of the Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis (DIVA) to sea-level anomaly measurements in the Mediterranean Sea
Ch. Troupin, A. Barth, J-M. Beckers, A. Pascual
Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata 54 Pag. 1-2 (2013)
Unexpectedly high catch-and-release rates in European marine recreational fisheries: Implications for science and management
K. Ferter, M. Weltersbach, H. Strehlow, J. Vølstad, J. Alós, R. Arlinghaus, M. Armstrong, M. Dorow, M. De Graaf, T. Van Der Hammen, K. Hyder, H. Levrel, A. Paulrud, K. Radtke, D. Rocklin, C. Sparrevohn, P. Veiga
ICES JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE , Vol. 70. 7 Pag. 1319-1329 (2013)
Sea level changes at Tenerife Island (NE Tropical Atlantic) since 1927
M. Marcos, B. Puyol, F.M. Calafat, G. Woppelmann
Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans , Vol. 118. Pag. 1- (2013)
Antiphase Synchronization in a Flagellar-Dominance Mutant of Chlamydomonas
K.C. Leptos, K.Y. Wan, M. Polin, I. Tuval, R.E. Pesci A.I. and Goldstein
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS , Vol. 111. Pag. 158101- (2013)
Modeling Fish Egg Production and Spatial Distribution from Acoustic Data: A Step Forward into the Analysis of Recruitment
A. Ospina-Álvarez, M. Bernal, I. Catalán, D. Roos, J. Bigot, I. Palomera
PLoS One , Vol. 8. 9 Pag. 73687- (2013)
Black scabbard fish, Apanophus carbo, in the northeast Atlantic:distribution and hypotethical mygratory cicle
I. Farias, B. Morales-Nin, P. Lorance, I. Figuereido
AQUATIC LIVING RESOURCES , Vol. 26. 4 Pag. 333-342 (2013)
Runaway electrification of friable self-replicating granular matter
JHE. Cartwright, B. Escribano, H. Grothe, O. Piro, I. Sainz-Diaz, I. Tuval,
LANGMUIR , Vol. 29. 41 Pag. 12874-12878 (2013)
Seagrass reponses to nutrient enrichment depend on clonal integration, but no flow-on effects on associated biota
F. Tuya, M.A. Viera-Rodríguez, R. Guedes, F. Espino, R. Haroun, J. Terrados
MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES , Vol. 490. Pag. 23-35 (2013)
Atmospheric processes responsible for generation of the 2008 Boothbay meteotsunami
Vilibic I., Horvath K., Strelec Mahovic N., Monserrat S., Marcos M., Amores A., Fine I.,
NATURAL HAZARDS Pag. 1-29 (2013)
High non-linear urban ground motion in Manila (Philippines) from 1993 to 2010 observed by InSAR
Daniel. Raucoules, Gonéri. Le Cozannet, Guy. Woppelmann, Marcello. de Michele, Médéric. Gravelle, Arturo. Daag, Marta. Marcos
REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT , Vol. 139. Pag. 386-397 (2013)
Distribution and biomass of Ruppia filifolia (Phil.) Skottsberg, Ruppiaceae in Skyring Sound, Sub-Antarctic Ecoregion of Magallanes, Chile.
A. Mansilla, P. Ramírez-García, S. Murcia, J. Terrados
Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia (Chile) , Vol. 41. 1 Pag. 91-97 (2013)
Excitability and optical pulse generation in semiconductor lasers driven by resonant tunneling diode photo-detectors
B. Romeira, J. Javaloyes, Ironside C. N., J. M. L. Figueiredo, S. Balle, O. Piro
OPTICS EXPRESS , Vol. 21. 18 Pag. 20931-20940 (2013)
Contrasting Fish Behavior in Artificial Seascapes with Implications for Resources Conservation
B. Koeck, J. Alós, A. Caro, R. Neveu, R. Crec'hriou, G. Saragoni, P. Lenfant
PLoS One , Vol. 8. 7 Pag. 0069303- (2013)
Dynamic response of a monolithic master-oscillator power-amplifier at 1.5 $\mu$m
P. Adamiec, B. Bonilla, A. Consoli, J.M.G. Tijero, S. Aguilera, I. Esquivias, M. Vilera, J. Javaloyes, S. Balle
Proceedings of the SPIE , Vol. 8640. Pag. 86401- (2013)
Dynamic regulation of larval fish self-recruitment in a marine protected area
G. Basterretxea, I.A. Catalán, A. Jordi, I. Álvarez, M. Palmer, A. Sabatés
FISHERIES OCEANOGRAPHY , Vol. 22. Pag. 477-495 (2013)
Exploring rock coast bioerosion: Rock fragment intestine transit time and erosion rates computation of the gastropod Monodonta articulata (Lamarck, 1822)
M. Vidal, J.J. Fornós, L. Gómez-Pujol, M. Palmer, G.X. Pons, P. Balaguer
JOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH , Vol. SPEC. ISSUE 65. Pag. 1704-1709 (2013)
Optoelectronic resonant tunneling diodes for high purity oscillations and excitable pulse generation
B. Romeira, J.M.L. Figueiredo, J. Javaloyes, S. Balle, O. Piro, C.N. Ironside
Low contribution of N2 fixation to new production and excess nitrogen in the subtropical northeast Atlantic margin
M. Benavides, J. Arístegui, N. S. R. Agawin, X. A. Álvarez-Salgado, M. Álvarez, C. Troupin
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